My Classes

Whether you’re interested in trying out a sport for the first time or are looking to improve your skills in one you’re already involved in, mikeswimminglessons offers various classes for every level of experience. Join any of my courses to develop your skillset in a professional and positive environment, and start playing today.


 Group Sessions for children (4 years old and above)


Perfect for beginners, intermediate or advance students looking for weekly classes
Weekly dose of water fun and learning at the pool
Coordination and motor skill development
Free and Natural absorption if Vitamin D
Cardiovascular and muscles development
Cultivating the penchant for swimming and exercise

Swimming Pool

School Holiday Intensive Programme

$180 for 12 sessions

Maximise this School Holiday to Pick Up a Life Skill

Complete 3 Months of Learning in Just Less Than 1 Month

Learn at Your Nearest Swimming Complex

Diving Board

Personal Training Sessions

$400 for 4 sessions

Your very own personal or private small group training

Undivided attention for you

Learn at the convenience of your own, preferred pool or the pool nearest to you

Flexible scheduling at your own comfort



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